Story of a Fledgling Marketer


So there I am, in my second year at UC Irvine studying English because I wanted to be published Author and embark on a new career, and I did get published.  However, it was with a publisher that prints on demand and they list it on Amazon for you.  Unfortunately, what they don’t tell wanna-be fledgling authors is that you basically have to market the crap out of yourself, visit coffee shops, have book signings, mail postcards…y’know….market.

This was back in 2007 so we didn’t have all these nice Social Media sites to market online.  But we did have Myspace, and I think Facebook was just in it’s beginning stages.  So what I tried to do was create a brand name for a tee-shirt line, and there I go again, dazzled by my own awesome idea of selling t-shirts.  Of course what they don’t tell you is that you have to buy the plain shirts first, then find a screen-printer, then try to find a shop to sell your tee-shirt.  I’m like, “WHAT?” I don’t have time to be hustling my tee-shirts door-to-door while going to school full time, and work.  So I found the next best thing and created one shirt through a site like Zazzle, wore it and took pictures of myself while posting it on Myspace.

I was working this “I am my main character” angle for marketing pictures, to give people the general idea, a brand name with a story behind it.  However, I did not know anything about marketing, sales, who to talk to, nor how to market online.  Then there was the advent of YouTube and I’m like, “SWEET!  I can make my own commercial!”  The sad part about that was my commercial makes no sense whatsoever.  I just threw in a bunch of pictures and was hoping people would get turned onto buying a t-shirt.


Then the housing bubble burst, Wall Street and the banking industry almost collapsed, and there goes my most awesome genius idea of trying to create the next best tee shirt for women.  So onto the next venture, a few years later…with my book still on Amazon.  (Click Here to See Motherking on   I’m actually surprised my book is still on Amazon 10 years later.

Next Story: Dog Training and Dog Care.  I followed the advice of other professionals that if you really want to succeed in life then you have to put yourself out there and become an expert.  Start blogging about what you know and get some followers.  “Oh yea,” I thought, “I was a dog handler for the US. Navy, I can totally use my knowledge and help everyday people train their dogs.” So I started a blog called, “Planet-Puppy.” I used my own Cocker Spaniel to make videos, created several online presentations with Slideshare, and had my very first FREE online summer camp for dog owners.  People signed up too, as well as my Slidehshares were getting embedded on other professional dog sites gaining over 3million views in less then a year.


My goal was to start my own doggie daycare and I wanted the interior to be like a Hard Rock Cafe but for dogs only, namely old Hollywood dogs.  But to get that lifted off the ground I needed a business loan, then to secure the loan you needed collateral (did not have it).  Then unfortunately, my dog passed away in 2013 from terminal cancer and I totally lost all passion for dogs and dog care.  My heart was broken because I lost my baby.

So I tore/deleted all my creations down from the internet and tried to move on.  I tried to pick it back up in 2015 and re-posted my videos on YouTube.  But there was a rock in my path and I had to move elsewhere. I still have all my dog care knowledge from the military and I have thought about picking it up again if I ever I got a new puppy in the future.  But the key element is re-creating that journey with a new puppy, recording every moment and marketing like crazy, if you know what I mean.

All in all, I learned valuable information from both my fledgling marketing experiences.  Also, there is a difference between marketers and sales people.  But do you have a fledgling story about the first product you tried to market all by your lonesome self? How did that go?  Post your comments down below.  Thank you!



Coloring Book Marketing

TurtleTreats (1)

Don’t be afraid of kids, whatever market you are in.  I’m sure you can creatively figure out how to come up with a story, attach a few black and white images, then have it available as a free download for parents to access.  Maybe you can exercise your graphic talent and draw some of your own toons?  Beware though because drawing graphics from scratch can be time consuming.  So if you don’t have the time then the internet is stockpiled with royalty free images.

I like to incorporate both my own graphics and free stock images.  Let’s face it, I really don’t have the time considering all the other marketing projects I have going, and I am really not a graphic artist.  I am a marketer so I am not afraid of taking shortcuts as long as I remember to credit the source or give attribution.

But I made these simple coloring pages with Powerpoint, a free and handy tool if you want to publish your own stuff.  This is a simple marketing tidbit but it can go a long way for the business that you are in.  Cheers!


Get Out of Your Box & Go for a Bus Ride


This goes along the lines of, “Think outside the box.” Have you ever ventured around your city by way of another mode of transportation?  How would you get around if you had no car and no bicycle?  Think of this adventure as an urban back-packer-bus-butterfly.  It’s also a survival skill if ever you travel to another country or continent like Europe.

So, how well do you know your city or neighborhood?  How well do you know the landmarks and dark corners you should NOT venture into?  Do you know what to do if you get lost?  Have you ever tried getting lost and then tested yourself on finding your way back again?  Let’s think about that in terms of marketing…Have you ever gotten lost?  Have you ever ventured into new marketing territory?  How well would you do if your survival depended on it?

The essence of traversing the physical typography transmutes into learning a new skill for traversing your mental typography.  But, you have to get out there and be willing to rely on nothing but your gut instincts.  And, by training and sharpening your gut instincts then your mind becomes clear on how to market more effectively.  It’s like your bicep you are trying to build.  The plain arm curl is not going to effectively build your entire bicep muscle.  You have to exercise 5 different positions in order to tone and build your bicep.  Does that make sense?

I would love yo hear your feedback.  Please comment down below and tell me what do you think?  Thank you!


Work with your Hands

I have a hobby that gets me off the computer and helps my brain exercise my creative muscles.  I challenge myself and how to create something with little or no money, and that’s in tiny seashell crafts made with recycled tempered glass and old recycled jewelry.  You can check out my work on

But I am a girl.

So what if you are a guy?  Why not have some Play-dough handy and make a character?  Or why not build a model plain or a model car?  Another way to exercise your mind without the computer are the classic 5000-piece puzzles you need an entire dining room table to fit on.

What I seem to sense is that the more you engage your mind on cost effective hands-on creative projects, then the more you think in that same tone when you work on your creative online marketing projects.  See how that works?  You are also engaging your mind in problem-solving and goal setting/accomplishments.

So set yourself up to win in one area of your life so that you can boost your morale and confidence in the other areas of your life.

Get Creative with Canva


The other tool that a marketer should keep in their back pocket is this awesome online design website.  Once I started practicing designing with their different templates, I got hooked!  Now, I can’t design nor live my marketer’s lifestyle without it!  Most importantly, for marketers with little or no marketing budget, has numerous templates and icons for free!  Of course the more fancier you want to get then you may have to pay a simple $1 or two.  But other than that I highly recommend Canva.

You can also change the language of the site.  It’s very user friendly and you can download your projects in a few ways, such as a png image, a jpeg, pdf for high quality prints or pdf for regular use.

What I also recommend is to play and experiment online.  You can plug in your own pics and type your own words.  But you can also use one of their templates to begin with, then add more stuff or change the font style.

But if you want to actually print stuff out, then you may need to test in a variety of ways.  What I have noticed is that some font styles look good online but once you use that font in print it looks to thin to see.  So then you would need to change the font style and thickness for printing on paper.

Also, if you are not to sure about one layout, design another and also a third.  Give yourself a few choices to compare with then pick the best one.  Maybe ask a colleague which design is more eye pleasing?  Because another goal you want to keep in mind is “eye candy,” not just girl eye candy but color eye candy.  Make sense?

So get happy about experimenting with!


Know Your Color Wheel


This is probably one of the best-friends a Marketer can have, you need to know your colors and the color wheel.  When  you create ads with colorful pictures and fonts, you need to know which colors you can use to either highlight the picture, or draw attention to your tagline.

Then, depending on the season and location of your business, as well as your brand colors, you also need to know how to create a certain mood with your potential clients.  Not everyone likes the basic black and white with red font colors.  So many marketers are using those three basic colors that soon all that marketing looks generic and it does not make the brand stand out from the rest.

As a marketer, you NEED to make the brand STAND OUT FROM THE REST!  You NEED to be unique.  And, your business NEEDS to be special.  That is where the money actually is, and it’s a basic business principal.

So let’s go back to Mother Nature and think about how flowers draw attention so they can be pollinated.  Same basic rule of thumb can be applied to your marketing drawing attention from potential clients, the sweeter you look the more bees come to thee.

Stimulate Your Creativity

You can stimulate and enhance your creativity in a variety of ways such as getting out of the office and going for a quick 5-10 minute walk.  Or you can get out of your city bubble and go hiking in the mountains or collect seashells on the beach.  What I have found to be most rewarding when enhancing my creativity, is that the closer to Mother Nature I am, the more my creativity produces variations.

Another way to stimulate your creativity is through sound.  I regularly listen to different types of positive music that fuses isochronic tones, especially from  They explain that, “Isochronic tones are repetitive beats of a single tone, which provide a very effective audio-based method of stimulating the brain.  This process is known as ‘Brainwave Entrainment‘ and can help you overcome many problems like insomnia, stress, tiredness and high blood pressure.  It can also improve intelligence, concentration, motivation, energy, creativity, meditation and even sports performance.”

I really recommend listening to their videos, especially the video down below which is a sample from the awesome work that they do!